19 Sep
Taverna Re Lasagna

RE LASAGNA®, the King of Lasagna, is located in Pontecchio Marconi, just a few miles from the centre of Bologna and very close to the Mausoleum of Guglielmo Marconi. The restaurant is renowned for it’s bolognese “pasta fresca”. In this beautiful place of nature (we are in the Reno Valley with it’s unspoiled landscapes), culture (as we already said it is the birthplace of Marconi) and history (not far from here there are the Etruscian necropolis of Misa and the medieval castle called Palazzo De’ Rossi), you can discover this gem of a restaurant that is run by Mr. Gilberto Argini and his father Giulio. Since he was a child, Gilberto Argini, as well as many of his fellows in this part of Italy, has had a passion for cars, sports and, of course, for pasta! Neighbours and relatives remember him helping his grandmother preparing pasta dishes, and lasagne, in particular. This well known bolognese culinary speciality was the main dish on Sundays and holidays for most of the families living in the district of Bologna.

  • from TRIPADVISOR: We went to Re Lasagna for dinner and we loved it!
  • from TRIPADVISOR: Very nice little restaurant with a very friendly owner.
  • from TRIPADVISOR: This is a place were you feel at home and can eat a great lasagna or pasta.
  • from TRIPADVISOR: We will come back and the price is more than OK!

YOUTUBE – Laurent at work

Laurent che canta!

Laurent che mangia

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