19 Sep
Taverna Re Lasagna

RE LASAGNA®, the King of Lasagna, is located in Pontecchio Marconi, just a few miles from the centre of Bologna and very close to the Mausoleum of Guglielmo Marconi. The restaurant is renowned for it’s bolognese “pasta fresca”. In this beautiful place of nature (we are in the Reno Valley with it’s unspoiled landscapes), culture […]

19 Sep

Italian culinary tradition is famous all over the world and Bolognese specialties; or better the specialties cooked in the city known as “the learned” and “the fat”; are one of its strengths. Without a doubt, Lasagne are one of these specialties worthy of note. We find a dish prepared in a similar way already in […]

Gilberto Argini Owner

My name is Gilberto Argini, I run the TAVERNA RE LASAGNA, a Bolognese company dealing with one of the excellences of our beautiful city which is recognized at a world level: fresh pasta, in particular Lasagne. Our goal is to let people know the authentic lasagne alla bolognese. This is why we have created this […]